December 27, 2018

Updates On Key Ad Networks: Get To Know Here

Google keeps on updating its features and networks day to day which becomes difficult at times for the digital marketers to stay updated. Keeping this thing in mind, we have gathered the top latest updates added or are about to implement in the future. Have a look,

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Best PPC Advertising Companies

Best PPC Advertising Companies



  • The important features introduced on facebook are AI-powered marketing insights, advanced engagement analytics, custom audiences option which is based on their behaviour and custom analytics dashboards
  • You can now track Facebook page interactions like shares and posts and therefore know the user’s response on your website which you can further use to see if people are actually sharing or commenting on the posts in your website
  • There have been constant improvements in the dynamic ads which can now show up to 20 images in the carousel ad format. This will help you to advertise a single product using multiple images to increase its efficiency


  • The hashtag stickers which have been newly launched on Instagram stories which allow you to promote a campaign using hashtags or engaging users while generating unique content and making the promotion easier
  • Instagram stories are viewed by over 200 million users daily which is far more than enough. However, the number has now increased to over 700 million users making it a member of giants like Twitter. Moreover, Instagram has more than 1 million advertisers which makes it the best platform for influencer marketing.

Google AdWords

  • There were many AdWords reporting columns which were added to get more transparency to improve quality score performances. The newly added columns have benefits like showing the expected CTR, landing page experience, Ad relevance which help determine the quality score. Moreover, you can view your quality score history to know the changes, if any
  • To increase the conversion rates by removing 30% bid cap, enhanced cost per click has been improved
  • For shopping and search campaigns similar audiences have been launched which will help create a list of prime audiences and expand the business reach. Looking for the best Google Adwords Services in India? contact Kuchvi Consulting now!!


  • The new snapshot ads manager was launched with the snapshot mobile dashboard for tracking the ad campaigns through the phone
  • Business manager to configure permissions and roles for the team members and improve the control and success of smaller companies advertising on it
  • New tools have been launched to buy snap ads


  • Quora is a platform which allows users to ask questions and get suitable answers as a response. It has recently released the beta for video answers which let you record and post it making it more attractive and engaging
  • For more accurate answers, the editor for the question has been optimized
  • Knowledge prizes have been removed from quora however the findings and data are added to the platform

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Best Google Adwords Advertising Company

Best Google Adwords Advertising Company

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