December 28, 2018

Trademark Registration: Online Trademark Registration

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a brand or a logo which represents a company and its operations. It distinguishes a company from the others by giving a unique identification mark. Also, it protects a company from unwanted misuse or violation. It is a most important asset of a business. Examples of some trademarks include HP, Canon, Coca-Cola, Nike etc which considered top-class brands.

Trademark registration can also be used for a business name, taglines, captions or catchy phrases. To obtain a trade name for your company you need to go for its registration under the trademarks act registration of a company name under the companies act to differentiate it from the others.

Why it is important for a company?

A trademark adds value to a business. however, registering a trademark is not mandatory but its good for its goodwill and reputation. Some benefits include:

  • Once it is registered, a trademark owner can prevent others from using the same mark without his permission
  • Promotes brand reputation by building trust and reliability among people
  • Prevents others to copy or misuse the trademark of an organization
  • Provides the owner with the right to use symbol ®

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Registration Process

Trademark Registration Company

Best Trade Mark Registration Company

Trademark Registration involves these multiple steps. Have a look,

  • Searching

Look for the identical trademarks that might match with yours and decide accordingly. Check the trademark database by visiting the trademark registrar website which will provide enough information about the similar trademarks which have already been filed.

  • Filing

Once you have decided and your search is complete, file an application for the trademark registration with the trademark registrar. All the information is mandatory to be filled in the form along the prescribed fee. The application must contain this information:

  • Trademark or the logo
  • Address and name of the owner
  • Earlier trademark used
  • Trademark class
  • Description of goods and services


  • Application Allotment

After filling the application, a trademark allotment number is given within two working days. Your trademark registration can be tracked online via the online trademark search facility. Furthermore, on receiving the allotment number, the trademark owner can affix TM with the logo.

  • Vienna Codification

It is an international agreement of the figurative elements of marks which is applied to the trademark based on the figurative elements of marks. The status shows “sent for Vienna codification” in the registration process.

  • Examining

Once the modification is completed, the application will be further allotted to a trademark officer in the trademark registration office. The trademark officer will further review the application and will issue a trademark examination report. If it goes well, the trademark will further go for a journal publication.

  • Journal Publication

It is then forwarded to publish in the Trademark Journal. Once the trademark is published and there are no objections filed within 90 days of the publication, the mark will typically be registered within a month’s time.

  • Final step

After the publication, the trademark registration certificate and trademark manuscript will be prepared and sent to the trademark application. Once the certificate is issued, the trademark is said to be a registered trademark of the owner, granting the trademark owner exclusive use of the mark.

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Best Trade Mark Registration Company

Best Trade Mark Registration Company

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