December 5, 2018

Social Media Marketing: How To Write An Engaging Content For Social Media?

“Content marketing is the only marketing left”- Seth Godin

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing involves the use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to promote your products or services online. It attracts a lot of traffic and you can drive your attention of the target audience instantly. Various social media platforms use content to market your business operations online. Social media also involves content marketing which is an important part of social media marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a type of marketing process which involves creating and sharing content online via social media platforms. Moreover, it involves creating engaging content so that it can attract the attention of your target audience in a quick time.

Any content, which needs to get uploaded on any social media platform should contain all the essential techniques including the right SEO techniques. Here are some Copywriting Tips for social media which every business person should keep in mind to drive huge traffic towards the website.

Note: Copywriting is an essential part of social media marketing.

Copywriting Tips for Social Media

  • Define your USP

USP OR Unique Selling Proposition differentiates your brand and its features from the others. Why should other buyers buy from you leaving the other competitors? Identify your selling objectives and the reason why other buyers should consider buying your brand. Once your USP is ready, make the message or content, the foundation of your marketing.

  • Focus on the benefits

Post some sensible content socially. Highlight the benefits your business would provide to the target audience. socialising the benefits would cater to the needs, demands and emotions of the target audience. Even if you are posting a funny video or a blog post it should touch the emotions of the readers which will, in turn, draw more attention to your web page.

  • Make short captions for the images in your content

Captions are short and crisp hence are easy to get an idea of the business operations. Engagement on your post shows the audience’s interest in your business. Captions are calls-to-action that are interesting to read.

  • Use Hashtags wisely

Hashtags aim to put a trademark on your social posts. The right used hashtag can increase the reach of your post allowing people to search for the trending Hashtags. Likewise, specific community Hashtags like #foodiegoodie can speak in your audience’s language.

  • Question the audience through your content

It’s very important to ask small questions in between your post as it helps to engage your audience. Asking Questions in between your content keep the audience engage in a flow of reading the entire content.

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