Social Media Marketing: How To Write An Engaging Content For Social Media?

by on December 5, 2018 1

“Content marketing is the only marketing left”- Seth Godin What is Social Media Marketing? Social Media Marketing involves the use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc to promote your products or services online. It attracts a lot of traffic and you can drive your attention of the target audience instantly. Various […]

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LMS Portal: What Is It?

by on November 30, 2018 0

What is an LMS Portal? LMS or a Learning Management System is the online software which is used in E-Learning programs and also helps with documentation, administration, recording, tracking and delivery of training courses. There are different types of LMS software which help in finding out a problem with it. Types of LMS There are […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Reputation Management For A Company?

by on November 26, 2018 0

“A good Reputation is more valuable than money”- Publilius Syrus  What is Reputation Management? Reputation Management, also known as ORM, is building a positive image of a company or an individual by influencing online information in particular. It includes the strategies that help organize your business. It also involves: An ORM software program can make […]

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